Looking to buy or lease commercial property?

OHR Realty has access to ALL commercial real estate available in the greater Austin area and all of Texas.
  • Unlike those listing agents/companies that are limited to only showing those that they represent, OHR Realty has access to, and will show all properties that are available and fit your needs and budget, no matter who the owner is.
  • While the listing agents/companies job is to get the best deal for the owner of the commercial property, OHR Realty has a responsibility to protect the interests of the lessee and purchaser.  I will see to it that clients are guided through all stages of the lease and purchase process to ensure the best deal for my clients.
My services are free for my clients
  • OHR Realty is not compensated by the client, but rather the landlord leasing the property, and in most cases, the seller of purchases.
20 years experience 
  • I have twenty years experience in commercial real estate.  This includes office, retail, flex, and industrial.
  • I have been an Owner's Representative as well as a Tenant's Representative.  This gives me a unique advantage of both sides and what it takes to get a fair lease or purchase done.
Greater Central Texas
  • My expertise is in the Greater Central Texas area, though I am knowledgeable and experienced in my field to assist my clients anywhere in Texas.

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